Adapting to work in lockdown: looking towards a flexible future?

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Posted on: 21/07/2020


Scarlett Tinsley (pictured), Brand and Marketing Executive at Eileen Richards Recruitment reflects on how her team has adapted to working and living in lockdown, and looks to the next generation’s future – and possibly more flexible – outlook of work.

For the first time in our working careers, we are fighting a pandemic which has put the world at a halt and has impacted industries, businesses and workers in ways we have never experienced. As specialists within the recruitment sector, it has been interesting to see businesses unique responses to Covid-19 and their attempt to make decisions on behalf of what is best for their businesses and their employees alike.

Whether you have spent the last few months working as usual, working from home or on furlough, it is safe to say that each of us as young professionals have been pushed into the deep end in one way or another with many of us having to find some kind of structure to remain healthy, focused and positive. One way the team at Eileen Richards Recruitment have managed to do this is by ensuring we upkeep regular communication with each other, setting challenges to take part in and organising weekly quizzes. As a team of ranging age groups with varying personal and work responsibilities, it hasn’t always been easy but as a small close knit team it has been immensely valuable to catch up on both work and non related work to remain connected.

This period hasn’t been all doom and gloom with many of us using the time to invest in ourselves, our knowledge and expertise by participating in webinars, making use of online courses and reading books that will enrich our mindsets. While it has been a challenge, this has been a stage of time we will never get back and has provided the rare ability to self develop ourselves outside of our ‘usual’ day to day activities.

While many of us are feeling that we are over the worst and things are gradually beginning to return to normality, as young professionals in business we are now facing new challenges. Research states that individuals within Generation Y and Generation Z have always been more heavily focused on the importance of a work life balance as opposed to being overly reliant on salary. Previously many may not have had the option to work remotely, and Covid-19 has pushed us all into a new way of working with many now enjoying being productive in our own spaces. With the return to work resulting in the potential departure of flexibility this may take some adjusting to. However, with many businesses adopting video meetings and virtual interactions (if they hadn’t already) and approving of its efficiency, this trend is likely to continue way beyond Covid-19.

As we all continue to adjust and follow the advice given throughout this uncertain period, the ER team remain positive about what is to come when this is all over and the continuity of our fantastic partnerships. Regardless of the glorious sunshine we’ve received and our new fitness regimes, it’s fair to say all of us will be looking forward to getting back into the office and connecting with each other in person at future Generation Next events very soon.

Generation Next is a network for young business professionals, by East Midlands Chamber. It is a network for young people, to make connections, build new skills and advance their careers. You can find out more about Generation Next and see upcoming events here.

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