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Posted on: 01/09/2020

Scott Parsons, Managing Partner at recruitment consultancy, Forsyth Barnes looks towards the future of work and how it will be shaped and influenced by current events.

Roles like Head of Artificial Intelligence, Chief Data Scientist, Virtual Reality Programmer were mere dreams of science fiction as recently as the turn of the millennium, yet they’ve become a core part of most organisations with lots of newly created, exciting roles!

In these unprecedented times, we now look to the future of work, and how that will be shaped and influenced. Advancements in technology and societial changes have a huge impact in the future shaping of job roles, industries and the economy, and looking back through history, these have often been huge catalysts for employment revolutions.

In the UK, the furlough scheme has been a great aid for job protection with almost 25% of the UK workforce participating. However, when we look at the global picture, the impact of Covid-19 has led to huge surges in unemployment, particularly in roles and industries that require being “on site”. Many leaders wiser than me have declared that times and society will change post Covid-19, but I think a really interesting point is how the #JobsoftheFuture will change. I am of the opinion that c.30-50% of people laid off during 2020 will not return to the same roles/industries they once worked in. This will lead to a huge employment revolution, being the catalyst to bring the 100 #JobsoftheFuture forward in time.

Pre Covid-19, Deakin University, Australia compiled excellent research into the list ‘100 Jobs of the Future‘. I believe this exciting list of #JobsoftheFuture will now be accelerated!

The list forecasts the creation of new job roles in the sectors of Technology, Environment, Agriculture, Urban, Health, Data, People/Care and Space.

Some of my personal favourites from the list:

  • Robot Ethicist – a robot ethicist will be concerned with the ethical issues that are associated with artificial intelligence, robots, cyborg technologies, and augmented/virtual reality.
  • AI Intellectual Property Negotiator – in the innovation age, demand for intellectual property titles, such as patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright, will be enormous and very complex.
  • Behaviour Prediction Analyst – patterns of behaviour of communities are able to be tracked through the increasing amount of data that is collected, stored and analysed. Algorithms are being invented to make sense of patterns in this data.

Purpose is one of the most important words in life currently. The Guardian reported back in September 2016 that “millennials are more motivated by a sense of purpose than a paycheck”, and there have been numerous studies since that only cement and strengthen that theory. In a world where the work-life balance will only get stronger for people’s wellbeing and happiness, we will be even more inspired by having purpose in our work, than purely “working for money”.

At Forsyth Barnes, we’ve prided ourselves on being ahead of the curve for hiring/market trends, already placing many senior candidates involving AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Data Science, ZBB Budgeting, Augmented Reality, Robotic Process Automation, and now we’re really excited about the future of work.

To re-phrase the typical interview question ‘where do you want to be in 5 years?’…

Which jobs of the future can you see yourself doing?

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