What to consider when looking for a new job role

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Posted on: 06/07/2022

Generation Next board champion Scarlett Tinsley works as the business and marketing manager at Leicester recruitment firm ER Recruitment, so knows a thing or two about what to look for in employers, and how to present yourself when changing jobs. She shares her top tips for young professionals when searching for a new role.

For young people right now, we’re reading headlines each day about increasing energy prices, increasing food prices and a pending recession, all while the average rate of pay is set to stay the same – it can all feel overwhelming.

Naturally, a high percentage of our “low wage” earners are within the 18 to 35 category, due to being in part-time work alongside education, in apprenticeships, in entry level roles or simply due to the “lack of business experience” within your career field.

Within the recruitment market, Gen Z’s and millennials have been responsible for the push behind many changes within the workplace including sustainability, flexibility, and job satisfaction.

Forbes (2022) reported that 56% of Gen Z or millennial professionals would quit their job if they felt unhappy or stuck. However, with inflation on the rise, we’re seeing a shift in priorities for young people with “job security” now creeping into what individuals are looking for when searching for a new position.

It’s important to note, that while things may feel doom and gloom – there are still opportunities out there for young professionals and certainly no need to stay in a position that is no longer serving you. If you are going to be looking for a new position over the next few months, here’s a few top tips:

Utilise your network: Groups like Generation Next are a brilliant way to increase your professional profile and network. By making use of the great connections you have made, you are not only increasing your commercial awareness but also the likeliness of them referring you to relevant opportunities.

Brand yourself

Showcase your abilities and transferrable skills on LinkedIn. The hiring mindset has altered to recruit based on willingness and passion as opposed to qualifications etc. Ensure that your professional profile represents you the way that you want to prospective employers.

Take advantage of new flexibility

More and more employers are providing remote working, meaning that you are not limited to a position within the city you live. If you are seeking a position in what is thought to be a competitive market, broaden your searches across the region and beyond.

Don’t lose sight of what is important to you

Don’t rush into a position just for the sake of “having a role” (admittedly this is easier said than done dependant on your situation). However, there will be roles out there that align with your values and goals. It is better to remain true to what is important as opposed to hopping from role to role until you find a position/company that matches what you are looking for.

As young people in business, together we have made strides in transforming the workplace from what it once was.

In the East Midlands alone, the Generation Next Awards have enabled us to be reminded of the fantastic entrepreneurs, community champions, the digital innovators, and apprentices in our region.

At ER Recruitment, we assist talented professionals in joining leading, forward-thinking individuals, if you’d benefit from a conversation with one of our team – we’d love to support you.


Generation Next is a support network for young professionals aged between 18 and 35 based in the East Midlands. Its membership package gives young workers access to its events and mentoring programmes – which connects delegates with likeminded individuals, as well as leading business professionals from across the region, to build their networks and skills. For more information on how to become a Generation Next member, click here.

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