The Lionesses have done so much more than win the Euros, says Generation Next chair

Posted by: JasmineThompson
Posted on: 11/08/2022

The Lionesses have become national heroes after winning Women’s Euro 2022, but the impact of their success will have much bigger repercussions for sport and beyond.

Generation Next chair Emma Baumback, an independent financial planner at Future Life Wealth Management, reflects on the importance of the win in inspiring the next generation of leaders within the East Midlands.

The Lionesses have done so much more than win the Euros.

Because of them, the noise around women’s football is infectious and will hopefully continue to lift the women’s game of sport but also in all characteristics of life.

They sent out a clear message – England’s Euro 2022 title success is a platform to inspire the next generation.

It was great to see the crowded stands of Wembley, a complete sell out of the stadium and patriotic support for the National team. In fact, it was the biggest attendance ever for a men’s or women’s Euro final.

The opinion on whether there is a difference between men’s and women’s football is immaterial, its more about the way it makes us feel – encouraged and inspired!

I have always enjoyed watching women play sport and celebrating their dedication, skill, and drive – just like the Commonwealth Games which recently concluded in Birmingham.

It goes without saying that a higher visibility of women athletes bolsters the confidence from all backgrounds.  For young girls having a female role model has been found to be hugely important in promoting both sporting engagement and career choices.

It is not just sport where women face similar unlevel playing fields.  In fact, in my profession only 16% of Financial Advisers within the UK are women and there are many aspects of society that could learn from the Lionesses’ momentous journey.

But the conversation is moving on from not just inspiring young women but to inspiring a nation of young talent and this reflects at what is at the heart of Generation Next is all about.

It is so important that we celebrate the success and progress of our younger generations, like we did at our amazing Generation Next Awards last month. The confidence and inspirational momentum this provides is the catalyst we need right now.

And we certainly need to keep this impetus going, recognising future role models from a grassroots perspective, who will become our future leaders. The progress displayed now, demonstrates what is possible, and inspires confidence and encourages what is possible.

This is crucial in every aspect, sport, education, and business; when we can see and feel something it is relatable and achievable. Barriers faced through inequality in sport or in the workplace, become manageable. The mindset of, if they can do it, so can I, no matter the circumstances is essential! It leads to investing and commitment in oneself, which is fundamental to personal growth and long-term achievement.

Diversity is not a tick box exercise: businesses who attract diverse talent pool have better perspective, are more likely to appeal to a diverse audience benefiting personal and commercial growth.

Generation Next run a theme each month, with October’s being diversity and inclusion. We are running an “inclusion in the new workplace” webinar on 12 October with our guest speaker Dr. Andri Georgiadou (associate professor at Nottingham University Business School) and a D&I panel event on 13 October at the University of Derby. We would appreciate you to joining us!

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