Top performance management tips to help you become an effective leader

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Posted on: 21/06/2023

Performance management is crucial for enhancing productivity, achieving organisational goals and fostering employee development.

It is an important role for leaders to create a supportive environment that maximises individual and organisational performance.

We’ve compiled a list of top tips to implement performance management techniques to improve your leadership skills:

  1. Set clear expectations

Clearly communicate performance measures to employees so they know what is expected of them. This can be done through goals, targets and key performance indicators (KPIs), which should be specific, measurable, achievable and timely (SMART) and aligned with the organisation’s objectives.

  1. Effective and open communication

Establishing regular channels of communication is important to ensure employees feel comfortable to provide feedback, address concerns and clarify expectations. Schedule one-to-one meetings at regular intervals throughout the year to discuss progress and provide reassurance and recognition.

  1. Align team goals with organisational goals

Encourage SMART goals where possible, and ensure they are aligned with the organisation’s goals. This will help the organisation as a whole to achieve its goals as all teams will be aligned towards a common purpose. It also sets a benchmark for expectations and effectiveness.

  1. Identify training and development opportunities

Provide employees with training and development options to enhance their skills and knowledge, and help them reach their full potential. This will improve their performance and make them more motivated to succeed in the context of the organisation’s expectations and goals.

  1. Performance metrics and evaluation

Establish KPIs and evaluation criteria that align with organisational goals. Find methods to regularly track employee performance against them and provide constructive feedback where necessary. Look out for new or innovative ways to carry out the appraisal process – team appraisals are increasingly being used to assess how a group performs together, rather than focusing on the individual.

  1. Reward performance

Recognise those who have met employee performance metrics, or those who have gone above and beyond expectations. This will motivate them and the rest of the team to hit their goals.

  1. Individual approach

Every employee approaches performance and responds to techniques differently, so it is important to consider an individualised approach, facilitated through open communication. Tailor these tips to the individual to offer personalised support and guidance.

  1. Growth mindset

Encourage continuous improvement by promoting a growth mindset within the team’s culture. Seek their feedback when it comes to reviewing performance management processes to ensure they feel their input is valuable.


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