Five ways to connect with nature in the workplace

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Posted by: JasmineThompson
Posted on: 20/03/2024

In an increasingly technology-driven world, it’s easy to feel disconnected with nature in our everyday lives, especially when we spend the majority of time indoors at work. However, incorporating elements of nature into your workplace environment can have many benefits on wellbeing, productivity and creativity.

Here are five ways to weave nature into your workplace environment:

  1. Outdoor workspaces

Whether it’s to facilitate a meeting, or having a space to simply take a break to grab some fresh air, incorporating outdoor areas within the workplace is a great way to boost employee wellbeing. Accessible outdoor spaces can enable employees to think more creatively, focus and take adequate breaks from their screens. Even if you work from home majority of the time, it is important to create outdoor areas by placing a bench under a shaded area in your garden, or finding an outdoor table at a café or park.

  1. Nature-inspired office décor

Decorate a portion of the office, such as a relaxation or break area, to incorporate elements of nature. This can be done by simply adding plants, water features or living walls around a seated area, and the same can be done for a home office. This will encourage employees to take regular breaks to recharge and reconnect with nature, to reduce stress and improve mood.

  1. A natural atmosphere

Create an atmosphere that is infused with nature to help employees feel relaxed in the office environment. Biophilic design can also help facilitate this, which incorporates natural elements to mimic nature in the built environment. A green atmosphere can be created by maximising the opportunities to let natural light in the office space, and even utilising green paint shades and calming sounds of the outdoors.

  1. Outdoor meetings and activities

When possible, take meetings outside, whether that is in the grounds of the office or a country park. Being out in the fresh air can inspire new ideas and a change of scenery can aid productivity upon return to the office. Outdoor meetings don’t always have to be work-related, activities such as group hikes and yoga sessions can be an effective way to practise problem-solving and leadership skills.

Networking groups, such as Generation Next, run outdoor events. Activities like trips to the zoo and nature walks give members a break from the office and enables them to socialise with likeminded individual, share ideas and best practices.

  1. Environmental awareness workshops

Organise workshops or initiatives that promote environmental awareness and sustainability within your workplace. Eco-friendly practices can help foster a deeper connection with nature among colleagues. Resources and internal workshops can also help employees engage with a company’s environmental policies and procedures.


Generation Next is a membership network run by East Midlands Chamber for young professionals working in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. It runs social events and webinars for its members to help build their skills and connect with likeminded individuals. In March and April, the network is running two nature-themed events touring around Twycross Zoo and exploring Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire. To book onto upcoming events, visit


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