Chair Yoga


supervisor_account Wellbeing
place Online
event Tuesday 28th June | 9:30
local_activity General Admission
local_offer Free

Event Overview

Are you sitting comfortably? This is a fun yoga session that you can do sat down! It’s also sprinkled with a few ‘brain buzz’ games to ensure your body and mind receive a thorough refresh! So, pull up a chair… do something different and grab yourself some wonderful wellbeing.


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Harriet Betesta

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Harriet Betesta

Harriet has being doing Yoga for over 10 years. She’s always wearing a smile and so will you after spending 45mins with her!

Twitter: @laughtercise1
LinkedIn: Laughtercise: Overview | LinkedIn


Key takeaways

✅ A rejuvenated body

✅ A refreshed mind

✅ A spring in your step

✅ A smile on your face

✅ And posture knowledge to help with long periods of sitting

This event will be brought to you by Laughtercise.


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