Derbyshire Festival of Business events


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event Thursday 27th April |
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Event Overview

Generation Next members are invited to take part in the Derbyshire Festival of Business, which is being run by the University of Derby. It helps to connect local organisations while showcasing Derbyshire’s extensive business capability to future clients, customers, and investors.

The festival intends to put Derbyshire’s business community firmly on the map. We hope you will join us to find out more about the wealth of opportunities available within the local area.


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Upcoming events

The festival’s aim is to offer help and support, educate, share information and knowledge, while creating forums for networking, engagement and business growth.

Community-focused open days and expo events will promote Derbyshire’s businesses to its residents, and visits between the university, schools, colleges and employers are planned to provide careers-related advice and showcase local businesses to the next generation of employees.

Online and face-to-face masterclasses from leading professionals and academics in Derbyshire are planned to raise the profile of the county as a thought leader within the UK business community, and as a place to do business.

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To book your place on any of the Derbyshire Festival of Business events, please click the link above.