How to Become an Effective Leader

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event Tuesday 18th April | 9.30am - 10.30am
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Event Overview

Leadership is a vital component of management that helps to direct an organisation’s resources to improve efficiency and achieve business goals.

Effective leaders have a responsibility to set a clear vision for their team, enhance productivity, boost morale but also support the people within the team to grow. A leadership model can provide you with best practices on how to lead your team.

There are several different leadership styles suitable for distinct personalities and workplaces, it's therefore important to establish what leadership model suits you and your team the best.

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Guest speaker

Actor, musician and leadership coach David Chabeaux

From “groundbreaking” change workshops and keynotes, to galvanising social change using music and film, David’s work as a world renowned educator, performer and director is “a spark that ignites the fires of positive change” in people, organisations and communities worldwide.

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Generation Next will explore…

  • Different leadership models that help lead a team effectively
  • Leadership styles and how to apply them
  • What makes an effective leader
  • What you can do as a young professional to cultivate your leadership skills, even while you are not in a senior position.

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