Marketing masterclass series with NatWest: Creating multi-channel lead campaigns that work


supervisor_account Professional development
place Online
event Tuesday 30th March | 10.30am
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Event Overview

Generation Next, NatWest Bank and Luv4 Marketing are excited to be teaming up on a series of marketing events to help you and your business thrive in 2021.

Digital Marketing is now the forefront of business growth. There isn’t a business that doesn’t want more leads or want to rank high on Google search for the terms that will drive sales. In this series you will learn how to place your business in front of your target audience across multiple strategies.


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Session 4

This session covers the process of setting up lead generation campaigns on various platforms including the setup and optimisation of targeting, adverts and lead management. Once we have helped you generate your key target audience, we will take you through various campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords and LinkedIn, to demonstrate how to generate leads on all these key platforms.

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