Sellie the Elephant - Bringing more elephant into sales

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event Thursday 18th March | 10am
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Event Overview

This event is ideal for young, ambitious professionals who wish to know more about Sales. In this latest unique series, SalesAde introduces Sellie the Elephant, to remind us of forgotten Sales fundamentals. This exciting overview presentation utilises strong visuals, fun activities, and key takeaway messages.

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Members - Free Non-members - £5

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Benefits of attending

All professionals directly or indirectly involved in Sales will benefit from attending. The presentation is packed with tips, truths and key takeaway messages including;

  • Proactive prospecting
  • Active listening
  • Utilising SMART data
  • Reflection and strategy
  • Why we need creativity in sales
  • Looking after you the sales professional

Our host


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SalesAde uses 20 years of insight to train unique, ‘how-to’ techniques and marginal gains to ensure sales professionals correctly channel their energy and maximise a return on their time invested.


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