Starting your own business in an ethical and environmental way


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event Wednesday 28th April | 10:00am
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Event Overview

This event is ideal for young, ambitious professionals who wish to know more about what’s really involved in starting your own business in an ethical and environmental way. Jessica will give insight into what she wishes she had known at the early stages, instead of the hard way through experience. 


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Get to know our hosts…

Jessica Mor founded 3RD ROCK – an eco activewear brand focused on the rock climbing sector back in 2010.  She runs this company together with her husband Guy and four other team members in Belper, Derbyshire. She is a tree hugging pattern cutter and designer with two kids, she climbs boulders, cliffs and trees, loves yoga and wild swimming. Her aim has been to build a business she can be proud that treats its team, the planet and its inhabitants kindly.

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Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs interested in starting a business or in the early stages of business
  • Those interested in a career in the clothing/fashion industry
  • Those interested in my journey and the tips which Jessica would have given to herself eight years ago with the knowledge she has now.

Twitter: @3RDROCK

Instagram: @3rdrocking

LinkedIn:  3rd Rock

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