The Art of Selling for Non-Sales Professionals


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event Wednesday 24th January | 9:30 am - 10:00 am
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Event Overview

Whether you're a business owner, a creative artist, manager, or simply interested in improving your interpersonal skills, we will empower you with the tools and mindset necessary to excel in any situation that requires effective communication and persuasion.


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Meet our guest speaker

Graham Bennett

Regional Director at Tinderbox Ltd

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Graham Bennett

Regional Director at Tinderbox Ltd

Graham is an experienced business leader with a background in sales and commercial operations in large multi-national, PE backed and SME companies including Saint-Gobain and Ideal Standard working across retail, trade and specification markets.
With over 30 years’ experience he has successfully converted transactional relationships into stakeholder partnerships through a deep understanding of the market and by building and developing empowered teams to deliver ambitious but achievable plans.
Now a Regional Director for Tinderbox he is using this experience to help businesses become more successful.
As a member of the Chamber, Graham is part of the Joining the Dots campaign.


Why should you join?

✅ Gain valuable sales insights and tips from the experiences of an expert speaker.

✅ An opportunity to get your questions answered at a Q&A session.

✅ Hear real-life success stories to apply key learning to leverage skills non-sales situations and role.

✅ Effective sales techniques to improve negotiation outcomes and build professional relationships.

✅Learn how to be a persuasive communicator to assist in meeting your objectives.


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