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A network to support young professionals and the next generation of business leaders in the East Midlands.

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Join our vibrant, diverse community to connect with likeminded people, develop your skills and open the door to new opportunities.

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Our vibrant and diverse community aims to connect you with like-minded people, to help develop your skills and open the door to new opportunities.

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Build your network through our range of formal and informal networking events.



Cultivate your personal and professional skills via our dedicated programme of educational workshops, blogs and resources



Be inspired by business leaders and experts who share their unique insights at our events



Be the voice of the next generation of leaders in the East Midlands, help shape policy and contribute to our communities

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“I know looking back at my career I would have really welcomed a network like Generation Next. The project is here to support the next generation of business leaders in their career journeys. Whether you are looking at getting your next promotion, thinking of starting your own business or you are just looking to develop your knowledge, experiences and meet likeminded connections, the network can help you build your future within the East Midlands.”
Lucy Robinson, Generation Next lead and Director of Resources at East Midlands Chamber

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Many websites are developed on a design first basis, often overlooking all the important aspects of SEO, performance and call to action. We take you on a journey of optimising all of the different elements that not only make websites successful in the search engine positions, but also in terms of generating leads too.

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We will take you on a journey to creating the most optimised landing pages possible, giving you the confidence to push organic, social and paid traffic in order to generate leads. We take the learnings from the landing pages and then integrate them into your website pages; bringing the most optimal content, images and call to actions into your site.

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This session covers the process of setting up lead generation campaigns on various platforms including the setup and optimisation of targeting, adverts and lead management. Once we have helped you generate your key target audience, we will take you through various campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords and LinkedIn, to demonstrate how to generate leads on all these key platforms.

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Using social media in your business is essential but just as important is working the opportunities. In this session, you’ll learn what each opportunity is and how to maximise each one through to conversation. We will also cover how to create a sales funnel using a CRM system to nurture online leads through a sales pipeline to conversion.

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The final session in the series is all about bringing your learnings together to formulate the ultimate plan for your business. Throughout the sessions you will have identified key areas that need urgent attention and you will now be able to create a plan that you can work towards in the next 90 days and beyond. The 90 Day Plan is more comprehensive than the “Game Plan” you started with as you will now be aware where you need to focus your attention to maximise your online marketing profits.

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Mar 18

In this latest unique series, SalesAde introduces Sellie the Elephant, to remind us of forgotten Sales fundamentals. This exciting overview presentation utilises strong visuals, fun activities, and key takeaway messages. The Herd is coming, will you join us?

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