How Generation Next can help employers develop their young talent

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Posted on: 08/04/2024

For many employers, it can be high on the agenda to ensure young professionals within their team are fully equipped with the confidence and skills to excel in their work lives.

With 91% of talent professionals agreeing that soft skills are very important to the future of recruitment (, networking group Generation Next aims to offer employers a helping hand when it comes to enabling the next generation of business grow their skills and knowledge in a supportive environment alongside likeminded peers.

Here are a few ways in which Generation Next membership can help East Midlands-based employers and managers develop young professionals working within their teams:

Soft skill development

Each month, Generation Next focuses its events programme on a particular skill which fosters career development. These are the types of transferable skills you don’t tend to cover in school, from leadership and problem solving, to being responsible for your time management and own wellbeing.

Alongside the networking and mentoring offer, Generation Next aims to give its members a well-rounded professional development experience.

Networking opportunities

Through a variety of socials, conferences and large-scale awards events, Generation Next offers a great way for young professionals to gain some exposure to the business community within the East Midlands.

This can help build their confidence talking to external contacts, and ultimately build strong and profitable relationships with key stakeholders.

Peer-to-peer support

Through its events and socials, Generation Next enables members build professional relationships with likeminded people. It facilitates a comfortable environment where members can work through common issues within their jobs, and bounce new ideas off each other to bring back to their workplace.

The network is backed by a young board of “champions” and “ambassadors” which support new members by introducing them to others within the group and how to make the most of Generation Next’s services.

Mentoring and coaching

The network also offers members access to a mentoring portal, where they can connect with business leaders working across the East Midlands.

Covering a range of industries and expertise, the mentors can help members with industry-specific questions or broad soft skill development. They will work with their mentee and the Generation Next team to create a comprehensive plan to work towards over a minimum of eight-hour sessions.

Positive recognition

Overall, Generation Next ultimately aims to inject more confident and knowledgeable young talent to businesses within the East Midlands. By investing in the tools and experiences to enable young professionals to succeed, employers can really boost their motivation and productivity.

Additionally, Generation Next runs an annual awards programme for employers to nominate staff members aged between 18 and 35 to recognise their positive contribution to the workplace.


Powered by East Midlands Chamber, Generation Next is a membership network for young professionals working in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. It costs just £150 per year, with further discounts and packages available for two or more memberships. To join, get in touch with the team by emailing

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